* How To Target Visitors To Rightmove For Valuation Leads *

Many people searching for property on Rightmove have a property to sell and start their research by checking out property and prices in their local area. We can help you capture these potential vendors by placing  tracking on your property videos.

  This means that everyone who watches (just some) of your video will be added to a unique list ( custom audience ) you can then follow these people around the web with specific and targeted valuation request advertising.... this is called re-targeting and it's very powerfull.

Retargeting keeps your brand in front of the potential vendor encouraging them to call you for that free valuation rather than your competitors.

We can show you how to put together simple slideshow property vidoes using your photographs or a walk-through tour video with presenter or voice-over narrative as per the examples below.

We can also add "clickable" links to your videos  which can re-direct anywhere so that the potential vendor can request a free valuation.

Plus......Free Bonus

We can also show you how to get the full address of all properties advertisied on Rightmove so you can mailshot thoses in your area....  ( it's free ! )
We can also show you how to automate your social media posting with relevent content .... ( it's free ! )

Video Tours - Aerial Video & Photography


Add a walk-through video tour with voice-over narration to your listings to engage your audience and showcase your marketing expertise, combine this with aerial video and photography to really impress your vendors. Today's social media savvy agent needs to do more than just promote listings – as an agent, you are your own brand and video can help you and your properties stand out from the crowd and position you as the agent of choice. 

                  Aerial Photography



                          Aerial Video